Thursday, 24 February 2011

Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!

My wound is making huge progress on the healing front after nearly 3 weeks of VAC therapy.
Sadly, last week was a complete nightmare and I thoroughly wore myself out .  Firstly thank you to Anne and Nige for getting me to Bristol for my Oncologist appt. However after waiting for one and half hours to be seen only to be told the results have not yet been received.  I wont rant on here but needless to say I was not a happy bunny.  Then I had to fight to get Taunton to carry out a 10 minute procedure to drain the seroma from my back.  I had checked, but Bristol couldn't do this when I was up there on Tuesday.  Even after examining me, talking to the team at Bristol who were ok about them carrying it out, they refused to do this and eventually after lots of phone calls here there, everywhere and with almost everyone, they conceded providing I got a referral.  This was done and they saw me last Friday but looks like I've picked up another infection so on more antibiotics.
Monday was the start of my chilaxing week.  Thanks to John and Sarah, my neighbours who insisted that they take us up to my friend Karen in North Devon not just the train station.  I so want to move there! The hospitality was fantastic THANK YOU KAREN !  Caught up with Clare, Leia, Hope Luke and Faye.  Yesterday Teri collected Holly and myself and we took TJ for a walk along Saunton Sands which blew away the cobwebs.  I completely zoned out for a few days.  Holly has chilled out too watching Friends back to back, jacuzi's, pizza and chips!!  What more could she ask for ?
To top off a truly relaxing time, the oncologist from Bristol phoned me yesterday and asked if it was ok to discuss the results he had received on Cruella's sister.  After my confirmation he advised that this tumour is made up of Oestrogen  and with hormone positive receptors (Exact make as Cruella).  With my sentinel node biopsy being clear it is very unlikely that I would be referred for Chemotherapy treatment.  That's all I wanted to hear.  I have loads of questions but will keep them for my oncologist appt on the 8th March in Taunton.  I know there will be possibility of Radiotherapy and I'm sure there will be drugs but as this tumour grew whilst on Tamoxifen not sure which ones.
So feeling relaxed for a change but not popping the champagne just yet....

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  1. Sue I can almost hear the sigh of relief. Once that gunk filled fluid starts draining it is such a relief and the healing process begins You can see the wound closing and getting smaller. I'm happy for you Sue!!
    Love Alli xx