Thursday, 27 May 2010

Another first and Positive Thinking Rocks !

I swam 30 lengths of our local swimming pool in an hour the other week - (25 lengths is half a mile).   Going to try and go weekly. Another first for me was mowing the lawn and doing some weeding the other night. I still ache but pleased with my efforts.

Last week a leaflet drop man had fallen over in our road after being chased by a neighbours dog.  I didn't see the incident,  I just thought how lovely the community spirit was with the neighbour making this chap a cup of tea.  I commented on this to them and the fact that should he need physiotherapy to get a referral now as I currently have to wait over 4 weeks to have my hand seen.  Any way to cut a long story short, it transpired that this chap stopped working for the local NHS after his mother became ill with Cancer.  He couldn't cope with the environment he was working in.  I gave the more social summary of my experience over the last 2 years whilst working for the NHS -  loosing 2 brothers to cancer and my own cancer journey.  
His response of "You must be depressed then" really had me questioning whether my friends and family considered me depressed and if not should I be. I replied I'd had a few moments where I allowed myself to feel sorry for myself, but on the whole I just got on with it and deal with what I had been dealt with. 

Yes I'm angry at what myself and family are going through but disagree with this chap as I am not depressed.  And thanks to people I have spoken to that agree with me (yes I had to check to make sure)  This has made me realised how great my positive attitude has been to my well being.  Some of the thoughts that have regularly passed through my brain over the last 15 months are "Life doesn't chuck at you anything you cannot deal with" and " A woman is like a tea bag, you can not tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water".  

Almost a week later, with man's statement  till going round my head,  I feel really really lucky.  I am angry and it hasn't been great but this could have been so much worse..

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  1. Sue:
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    I wish you good health and a happy life!
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