Thursday, 17 June 2010

Oncology Appt 15th June 2010

I was geared up with my own reasons for coming off Tamoxifen when I went for my appointment.  It was like visiting old friends when I arrived and felt warm and welcome.
The Breast care nurse was waiting for me when I got called in so I was already talking to her about what I was doing to minimise the side effects that I am experiencing from taking Tamoxifen.  When the Onc Consultant came in even he was impressed with what I am doing.  When I get a night sweat, I take a Dioralyte the next day (replenishes lost salts and water usually prescribed for Diarrhoea) and so far so good -  I have not had a nocturnal leg cramp since !!
He was going to suggest that due to the type of tumour (hormone positive) and my age (wise) I change hormone prohibitors to Raloxifene (I think - it began with an R).  They took bloods to be absolutely certain I am post menopausal as most certainly the Chemo last year (that sounds good) would have brought all that on. There will be a cheer when I get that result :-)
He was pleased with my how my new breast has recovered from radiotherapy  despite there being a bit of fluid.  He also said I would only be called in for annual Mammograms and doesn't feel it necessary for any other scans to take place unless I have symptoms that I am concerned about.  The risk of recurrence is there but until it materialises, there isn't much they can do and feel that I shouldn't go through the process of scans and worrying about the results.  I'm still not sure about this bit but then I do need to focus on getting fitter and reducing my BMI.  Without sounding arrogant, the impact Chemo had on Cruella, which was 2.9 cm, any particles from her that were so minute not to be to picked up by the scans I had last year, would be non existent.  
So I have come away feeling still nervous about what the future holds with reference to cancer although positive over the next steps.


  1. Sue, it sounds like your appointment went well. I hope the other medication will have less side effects than the Tamoxifen. Right now I am on a break from it to see if the bone and muscle pains were from the Tamoxifen and I feel so much better but then next week my oncologist will put me Arimidex. I know we need these pills because of the recurrence rate. We all worry about it coming back Sue but I am glad you are moving on and starting to enjoy life. So many people I know just seem to dwell on it so much. As my hubby says "If and when it comes back we will deal with it then but right now let's enjoy life".

  2. Jill, thanks for your lovely comments. You are spot on. We cannot get consumed by the risks we face, we have to enjoy ourselves as well. It is part of the healing process which can get forgotten about. xxxx

  3. Sounds good Sue. You're doing so brilliantly. Onwards and upwards mate, life....bring it on!!! xxxxxxxx