Sunday, 2 May 2010

More Firsts

I did it.  I booked and had a hair cut.  It seems to be straightening out a bit more now.  We always feel good after a hair cut and this was no different.  I know it was just a trim and with short hair we were limited but I had it spiked up and this lasted until the next wash.  I don't feel right about using product on my hair with it being so new but I know it won't be long before I change that view.

Another first - Went for a swim on Friday night with Ali and Harry.  My new costume made me feel very comfortable.  My back scar is visible but it looks great and it didn't bother me.  Nobody would notice my big boob little boob look.
We were the only ones in the pool when we got there and with Holly and our friends already in I realised there was no way I was going to jump in.  I carefully went down the steps and then it was pure bliss. I am slow but we chatted and swam lengths. It was fab.  I even retrieved a hoop from the pool floor.  I came up laughing.  It was well weird not having any hair that floated around my face in the water.  We had a lovely time and  I am definitely going to start going regularly to help increase my agility.  Might even get my bike out...

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  1. Way to go Sue....sounds like you are enjoying yourself again:)