Friday, 12 February 2010

Radiotherapy - 3 Weeks down 2 to go

All the radiographers are pleased with how I am responding to this treatment. My skin is bearing up really well. They have assured me that they are treating me!!

I am being quite religious in my routine of applying Aloe Vera gel to the target areas and I'm in no doubt that this is key to the current state of my skin. I have no peeling it just looks a bit tanned. I am starting to get uncomfortable underneath the breast but undo my bra rather then use the pads given to me.

Wednesday was the half way marker and today I felt more tired then usual. Whether it is because I am so tired I don't know but felt nauseous around lunch time and felt I wouldn't last the rest of the day at work. I started to feel a bit better after a bottle of Coke, food and sugary sweets and surprised myself as I was gearing up for coming home and going to bed.

I'm on annual leave next week as it's half term. Sandra and Kieran have come down to stay. At least if this is the onset of the fatigue that you are told accompanies this treatment, I can stay in bed whilst Sandra amuses the kids!!! Then there will be only one week left of treatment before recovery period starts!! Whey hey bring it on!!!

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