Friday, 26 February 2010

One year on.....

This has been an emotional week.   Monday we travelled down to Croydon for my Uncle's funeral.  The upside was the family reunion with our relatives on mum's side.  A lot of lovely childhood memories were rekindled.  Contact details swapped and looking forward to a reunion for the right reasons!!!
Came back Wednesday and continued with my R.T. treatment.  My underarm is now very sore and restricting movement in my right arm.  The rest of the target areas are ok including under the breast where they would expect to see some damage. On today's visit I had the end of treatment chat with the Radiographer, where they confirmed that my skin will get worse after my last treatment (on Monday) and it will be between 10 and 20 days  before my skin starts to get better. Oh well .....
Today, 2 of my old team came into my work base, including Kath who was with me when I was given the news that I had Cancer.  I'm glad we had some time together, (yes it was the pub lunch time) so much has changed all round in the last year.
I am now thoroughly getting excited about our trip to Edinbrough. Flying out a week today for Freds' 40th and Barbara's 50th birthday celebrations.  15 of us in total and we are going to have a whale of a time.  The C word is banned unless it's C for Champagne !!!!
Have a fab weekend everyone!!!

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