Monday, 25 January 2010

Day one of Radiotherapy Treatment has arrived!

Feeling quite anxious all day. I knew the administration of it was going to be painless but it was the unknown. It was uncomfortable more then anything and I have tingling like sunburn as I write this 2 hours later. I had to lie still for over half an hour with my arms resting above my head on arm rests. I managed to stifle a sneeze and was desperate to clear my throat after a while. Lionel Ritchie the best of was playing on the CD throughout the duration. The bed was still and the machine moved around me, left, right and right back clicking during intervals. Tomorrow's session should not be as long but also not as quick as they hope it will be until they get comfortable with all the measurements. I have to go Monday to Friday for 5 weeks. By the end of it I should be in and out in half an hour not the hour and half it took today!

Last Tuesday I went to the Force Cancer Centre in Exeter for a Look Good Feel Better workshop.Take a look at for more details. I arrived in the town centre early as I was meeting my friend Cathy for lunch and did a bit of a shop. The workshop was brilliant, going through our bag of goodies and using them on for the 12 steps make up programme. Again it was so good mixing with other ladies at different stages of their treatment and some not even Breast Cancer. Glad I was able to make the trip as I had cancelled my first appointment last year as had so many appointments in the same week.

Got to remember to put on loads of Aqueous cream day and night now. Will also invest in some pure Aloe Vera gel and keep it in the fridge !!!

On another note my sister in law has posted some of the tributes we received for Colin which I also read out at the service. For those who knew him and might like to have a read.

Here's hoping I get another good night sleep....

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