Thursday, 15 October 2009

A huge THANK YOU !!

Thanks to all of you who have made the time to leave messages on my Blog, Facebook and phone. Your comments and experiences that have been shared with me have moved me to tears. I had no idea of what the impact would be of sharing my Blog with the wider audience.

Despite the wonderful support I have had, I have felt a loneliness I can’t describe. I know that I am not the only one on the planet going through this. Sharing my journey has helped eliminate those feelings to a degree. Using my sense of humour and helping other people has been enormously beneficial. Thank you to those who have shared there own experiences with me. I feel privilidged and hope that it has helped you in some way writing as it has helped me reading them.

I am so pleased knowing that my appearance on “This Morning” yesterday has encouraged so many women to check themselves (men shouldn’t be excluded from this either). Something I shall be doing when I have recovered.
Chloe – You know how scary I can be J
Penny (nee Smith) – I remember the name I even remember the house but cannot visualise you. I’m only in Taunton !!!
Angelique –. If you read my earlier post’s when I was on FEC you may find some tips. I was fortunate not to catch anything and I know having children makes that difficult. (Just started having a cough now though). If it’s ok I would also like to ask you questions about your mastectomy.
Ange – Please let me know how you get on. What’s your treatment plan?.

Hayley – I have skimmed through your blog and you are also an amazing young lady and I love the a Tee –shirt!
Jane / Janice / Sue / Kendra – Good luck and keep positive. Let me know your treatment plans are.
Donna – Let me know how you get on fingers crossed it is’nt x

Best of luck to all of us


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