Friday, 27 November 2009

6 weeks Post Op

Hi everyone
I'm feeling really fab at the moment as the Dr said I was ok to go back to work Monday, had a good nights sleep last night and have been driving again this week- my independence is coming back. I still have restricted mobility in my arm but that is going to be months before that gets back to normal. Still get tears for no reason but better out then in. I think last night was the suspension of my life whilst dealing with Cruella and getting well again and then this morning I felt great!
I have had 2 trips to see my surgeon in Bristol and he doesn't want to see me again until March. He is extremely pleased with how my new breast is shaping up. My back wound is still moist in the middle but again in time that will change. 2 weeks ago I had 700ml of seroma drained from my back and 4oomls this week so won't be long before that dries up.

Monday this week I attended a Moving Forward seminar in Bristol. Thank you Carl for getting me there and thanks Claire from picking me up from the station and taking me home. This was an event organised by the Breast Care nurses at Bristol. There was a talk on Diet, exercise, Lymphodema, and dressing after a mastectomy. We also had massages by the Therapeutic team from the Red Cross. The whole day was extremely relevant and interesting. Notably meeting other women at different stages of their treatment plans. Some of us were able to give reassurance to a lady having her first chemo session yesterday and I was given reassurance about my radiotherapy treatment from ladies who have already had theirs. I could have done with meeting a similar group after I was given my diagnosis. There's nothing like meeting people who have either recently completed or still traveling the same journey. I didn't feel so alone and whilst we are all different, we were all on the same journey.
Funnily whilst waiting to be taken up the room where the seminar was being held, I was chatting (yes some things never change) about our respective treatment plans and I confirmed I hadn't met many people who had had their chemotherapy before their op and this lady, also called Sue, went onto to say that there was this lady on the T.V. that's had the treatments in the same order as you and was trying to remember the name of the show. I smiled and owned up to it being me :-) - And thank you for my lift to the Station Sue and Sue's husband and keep me posted on how your radiotherapy treatment goes.
Last Friday was a great evening thank you Holly and the friends you roped in to help you give me a birthday party. I am so looking forward to going to work next week. I have an appointment with my oncologist on Tuesday so should know more about my radiotherapy treatment and I also need to get my back drained again. Partial normality coming my way :-). My nails are still ridged and breaking off but my hair has been having a groweth spurt so have started to make Dolly redundant. That may change next week when I go into work but we'll see.
Taking Holly to see New Moon this evening and Saturday we are going to Worcester to have a joint birthday celebration with Kerri. Will also catch up with family and friends whilst I'm there which is always good.

Have a great weekend everyone



  1. Sue, it sounds like you are doing great and healing well. You have given me some hope that I may be able to enjoy Christmas. Mine though will be done through the abdomen so I will be in a binder for at least 6 weeks.
    That is great you can return to work next week. Take it easy though.

  2. Thanks Jill, I can totally empathise with how you are feeling at the moment. Also afterwards I was thinking Am I ever going to feel normal again as I just wanted to get better. Today as been the closest to normal for a long time. Took myself off into town, banked and shopped. Took Holly and some friends to the pictures , just like old times. I know i've still a way to go but I can really see the light.
    Good luck with your operation I will be thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts and energy.
    Best wishes, hugs and xxx's

  3. Hello! Sue

    Good to hear you are doing so well.Have meant to contact you all week,and Thank You for recent email, a nice surprise for me, and totally unexpected.
    Keep on improving, and hope your return to work goes well.